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    So frustrated and just need some help
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    DawnLevian Offline
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    Wicked Wicked FishSpace!

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    So frustrated and just need some help
    Sep 12th, 2012 at 6:29am
    I have had my tanks for quite sometime with no problems. However most recently I have a issue. Here are the details on my tank.

    Tank Size 55 gallon
    In tank 2 bala shark, 2 irridescant shark and 2 algea eaters all of the are about 5-8 inches in lenght as we have had them awhile
    I dipsticked my tank just a few minutes ago and ALL levels are fine.

    Ok now the issue.
    Problem #1
    1 Bala shark, the smaller of the two had been swimming mostly verticle as I was unsure why this was happening I did a water change (15%) and it seemed to help some. However by the next day he was whacked again. At this time they were all within a 36 gallon tank. We purchased the tank I described above (55 gallon) got the water stablished and transfered. He was doing MUCH BETTER however after treating the issue with Pima Fix for  issue you will read in issue #2 now again today he is swimming mostly verticle again. SO I have added the filters back to te tank as they were out for the medication. I did a 10% water change and added some aquarium salt.

    Problem 2
    Yesterday when all seemed to be doing better in the tank I was sitting watching my fish and noticed that one of my algea eaters had a "mass" on the left side of his back fin. It is a swollen bubble with some of his coloring, pink in the middle and then a white blob. We looked it up and noone had a picture exactl close to his issue so I called Petsmart sent the tech a photo of it and then he suggested the PimaFix. Unsure if this helped cause of course I have now added the filters back and did a partial tank change due to issue #1 seeming to be reversing again.

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