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    Fishspace Productions

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    Wait for the applet and sounds to load, then click on the applet area and press the 'S' key to start.

    Shoot the asteroids while avoiding collisions with them. Occasionally a flying saucer will appear and attempt to shoot you down with guided missles. Destroy it or the missles for more points.

    You begin with three ships, a bonus ship is awarded for every 5000 points scored.

    Keyboard Controls
    Key Description Key Description
    S Start Game P Pause Game
    Cursor Left Rotate Left Cursor Right Rotate Right
    Cursor Up Fire Thrusters Cursor Down Fire Retro Thrusters
    Spacebar Fire Cannon H Hyperspace
    M Toggle Sound D Toggle Graphics Detail
    Object Points
    Large Asteroid 25
    Small Asteroid 50
    UFO 250
    Missle 500

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